Kyle Gerard Bauer


Kyle joined our team in March of 2014 while attending school at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and earned his degree in Architecture and Urban Planning that same spring. He is AutoCad certified with seven plus years of experience, and has been designing with Google SketchUp for five. Combing the strengths of these programs, Kyle is able to design plans, sections, and elevations in 2D with AutoCad, and then bring those drawings to life in 3D with SketchUp. His goal is to become a licensed Architect.

Kyle’s passion for Architecture began at an early age. Growing up he developed a strong interest in the creation of unique structures, excelled in Art classes, took pride in helping his Father with home remodel projects, and was most satisfied constructing a design of his own imagination.

“I am always fascinated with trying to figure out how something is created, which is the real challenge in the architecture world. I enjoy contributing my strengths towards a challenging project and seeing them ultimately lead to a beautiful space and a happy client.”

Kyle completed a few select internships during his time at UWM before pursuing an opportunity with Sazama.

“I discovered I was most interested in the residential design build field of architecture. It was clear to me from day one that Sazama cares for their clients and will deliver an amazing final product. It is exciting to be a part of the talented Sazama team.”

“One of the best aspects of working at Sazama, is learning from the experiences that Don and Carlos have to share. Their insights allow me to take my skills to the next level. I have always wanted to build a home for my Mother, so each bit of knowledge I gain brings me another step closer.”

“Outside of work, I enjoy listening to music, mostly Hip-Hop; working on art projects, and watching and making films. Learning and exploring new things gives me inspiration and boosts my creativity. Spending time with friends and family back home in Green Bay, and of course, the Packers”.