My interest in carpentry started in middle school shop class. By the age of 14 I was involved in the construction business. While living in Puerto Rico, my stepfather and uncles would take me to jobsites with them. I married the daughter of a wood carver/ carpenter and his love for wood and other natural materials made me realize how much I enjoyed crating special furniture pieces and other creative pieces of art. Thanks to these experiences, I learned how to craft and create, and my passion for the trade only grew stronger as I got older. I later moved to Milwaukee with my wife and kids to become a specialist in Marble & Granite, even adding a piece of Marble to a historical building in downtown Milwaukee.

I eventually returned to my carpentry roots and my love of creating essential pieces and spaces for a home. “I have really enjoyed my time at Sazama. I hope to continue using my passion and crafting my skill. It is cool to see how the dedication of our team helps to create dream homes for our clients.”
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