Renee is passionate about writing, marketing, and process improvement. As Director of Operations, she adds order to the design world by writing contracts, generating budgets, creating marketing content and analyzing trends.

It is Renee’s meticulous and purposeful nature that allows her to excel at her work. She finds it “exciting” to seek out and address discrepancies before they become an issue. Renee is at her happiest when she can identify a problem, fix the problem and most importantly – learn from it so it doesn’t happen again. She enjoys the Sazama culture of collaboration, which ensures there is always a new and interesting project with its own set of challenges.

Renee puts great thought into how Sazama interacts within the community and is constantly seeking out different ways to stay active and engaged. “Promoting a company with Sazama’s quality of work and strong reputation makes my job a lot of fun.”

Outside of work, Renee can often be found listening to audiobooks, cooking and most importantly, spending time with her family.
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