Nathan shares the core belief that dedication to client satisfaction is paramount and everything within the process is tailored to a positive experience and a long-lasting relationship.

“I love the impact we make on a client’s life.  By understanding their goal, I can design for their present and future needs.”

Nathan’s passion for architecture and remodeling was established early in life. He obtained his Master of Architecture degree from UWM focusing on residential and commercial architecture and has hands-on experience in custom residential construction and remodeling.

“My love for all things architecture has led me to greatly appreciate the clean lines and theory of mid-century modern, the character and warmth of colonial and the avoidance of “extra” in modern. When I strategize design directions with clients, I like to explore all ideas. Some of the best outcomes have been a blend of what the home demands, the client’s personality and an appreciation for architecture.”

When not meeting with clients and helping design projects, Nathan shares his enthusiasm for the outdoors with his wife, Susie, and his family. He spends weekends at their cabin getaway and enjoys watching nature, fishing for ‘Big Mo” and hiking throughout the many state forests.
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