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Baring it All: Is Open Storage for You?

We have all likely seen the Pinterest photos of perfectly organized kitchen goodies in open shelving or in glass cabinetry. Open shelving storage is beautiful, but it is not for everyone. Find out if open storage matches your design style!

If you seek order in your kitchen… monochromatic open storage could be for you.

The repetition of color and/or pattern creates a very cohesive and ordered look. If you have one style and color of dishes, they may look fantastic on display together. The monochromatic look can also be successful with a few pops of color. In the cabinetry below from our recent Whitefish Bay remodel, the homeowner is able to store her dishes in a practical and organized way. Because her dishes are all white and each piece is from the same set, the storage looks purposeful and uncluttered. A few red wine glasses adds some color and visual interest. The beer steins on the top shelf show some personality without looking too busy.

Show Storage in kitchen

Another great example of open storage can be found in the photo below, from our Fox Point kitchen remodel.  The repetition and uniformity of the clear stemware gives a clean and ordered aesthetic.  The absence of any opaque pieces makes the storage area appear bright and airy.

Show Kitchen Storage

If you seek to make a creative statement in your kitchen… eclectic open storage could be for you.

An eclectic look is exciting as it allows you to highlight several meaningful pieces, without worrying too much about “matching”.  In this space, you are not striving for perfection, but rather seeking a bold way to show off the pieces you love.  Try to visualize what a mélange of your assorted pieces will look like in one unified space.  Better yet, consider removing the doors from your cabinets for a week and see if this look is for you!

Whether your style is monochromatic or eclectic, consider adding detail to the back wall of the cabinet.  Add paint for an easy transformation, wallpaper for a touch of class, bead board for texture or even reclaimed wood for something more unique!

One last thing to consider before committing to open storage; does your kitchen have adequate (hidden) storage for the more practical (and less beautiful) pieces?  Your guests may love to see those salad bowls you brought back from Nepal…but they may not have the same appreciation for your kids’ sippy cups or the turkey baster!

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