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Sleek. Modern. Eye-catching. We specialize in unique designs that effectively represent your sense of style. This high rise condominium relies on intricate details that are perfectly executed.Striking lines and vivid colorsare set on a Milwaukee cityscape backdrop. Complicated carpentry is spectacularly displayed with a variety of lighting elements, including the increasingly common and available LED technology. Optimum spot lighting matched with complementary pendants, wall sconces and lamps create a mild, relaxing aura. Upon further exploration of this exquisite condo you will find a one of a kind kitchen with interesting shapes and surfaces, spa-worthy bathrooms, a centuries-old hand carved doorway beautifully reclaimed, and a home office space defined by a granite wall with a gentle cascade of water perpetually washing over it. Uncommon materials make every room a showplace and because our design team works closely with vendors representing products from across the globe, we are able to help you find selections that will enrich your home. Sazama has the ability to construct your vision.

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